Welcome to Smash 64! The first step to learning the game is mastering 64’s fundamental mechanics, like short hopping, Z-canceling, teching, and pivoting. Check out the video below for a quick overview, and Nate L’s full advanced techniques playlist for in-depth explanations.

If you coming from Melee, also checkout SSB64 Mechanics for Melee Players, which goes in-depth about differences between the games.

Picking a Character

When it comes to picking your first main, don’t overthink it. 64’s cast is relatively small, and core skills transfer easily between characters, so just hop in, try them out, and play who you enjoy. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the Players and Vods sections on the Character Resource Guide for some great matches to watch.

Beyond the Basics

Check out the main index and Character Resource Guide for more advanced guides, check out the SSB64 Frame Display to see your character’s moves frame by frame, and join the conversation in the #game-discussion channel in the SSB64 Discord server.