These cheat codes can be used on an Everdrive, GameShark, or Emulator. When using them on hardware (not emulator), you’ll need to make sure the “Mandatory enable” code is turned on.

Code Name Code Notes
Mandatory enable F10396B0 2400 Must be used for any other code to function when playing on console.
Unlock all characters and item switch 810A4938 0FF0 800A4937 00FF  
Timed Stock mode 800A4D0B 0003 8013A789 0080 Enables a timer when playing stock mode. Switch to timed mode first to adjust the timer.
No Music 81099110 FFFF 81099112 FFFF  
Display Hitboxes 810F2C04 2400 81167578 2400 Displays hit and hurtboxes for attacks and characters.
Collision Diamond Display 810F2FD0 2400 Displays purple collision diamonds that show show each character’s position and ledge grab range
Massive Hitlag 8112FF50 42FF Provides a huge multiplier to hitlag time. Very useful for DI.
Boomputer mode (1P VS Mode) 800A4BAE 0000 Players 2 controls the CPUs in 1 Player mode.
Infinite fireflower 811760F0 2400 Can be useful for practicing DI
No CPU in training mode 811909FE 0200 Must be player 1
Skip stage select 800A4D12 0000 D0099113 0018 D00A4D09 0010 81104C14 2002 D00A4D09 0010 800A4D09 0006  
Debug/Controller test mode 800A4AD0 0003 Press Z after booting with this cheat for an input display
CPUs Recover Better D113557C 1520 8113557C 2400 CPUs will use their up-b again if they’re hit out of it. May cause some other bugs, good for practice.
No Tornados or DL Wind 81131410 00FF This one might have some weird behaviour, needs testing
Kirby can utilt in the air 81123256 0566 8112325A 13D8  
Disable Staling 81123256 0566 8112325A 13D8 Staling (damage and knockback reduction when using the same move repeatedly) is removed.
Extra Calcium Mode 810F24B0 3C03 810F24B2 0800 810F2228 3C0F 810F222A 0800 doot