Featured Guides

Gameplay Guides

How Kero Wins with Yoshi - Tips and tricks with Yoshi, focusing on the Pika matchup.

Stage Control is Cool - A lecture sort of thing about the basics of stage control and positioning.

Matchup Guide: Pika vs Fox - An outline of both sides of the Pikachu vs Fox matchup

Buffered Pivot Utilts - A picture guide to a technique to perform pivot utilts. Especially helpful for derek stick users, or others that have problems accidentally jumping while trying to pivot utilt.

Some notes on Pika vs Fox - Self explanatory, some assorted matchup notes from a session in the mu.

Vod reviews of Breakthrough and Elated - Two vod reviews of pika players. The breakthrough one is Part 2 because my analysis in Part 1 wasn’t worth posting.

Wario’s edgeguards on falcon - Collection of all of Wario’s edgeguards from g3 top 8.

Game Mechanics

Pika Up-b Fun Facts - Some information about how controller range affects Pika’s up-b distance and angle.

SSB64 Mechanics for Melee Players - Well titled, I think. A somewhat ramble-y lecture.

Answering Frame Questions with BizHawk - Simple demo of how to use BizHawk (a TAS emulator) to answer frame data questions.

DI Mechanics Reference - In-depth guide to the mechanics of DI in 64. Discusses the importance of range, must-read for anyone working on controller mods.

Testing Range on Emulator - How to test your controller’s range on emulator

Tools and Resources

SSB Frame Data - Hitbox display website. Sidebar has links to various other game data stuff. Collaboration between myself, Shears, heyitsjames, and others. J version is here.

Yoshi Armor Break Table - Table showing at what percent every move in the game will break Yoshi’s double-jump armor. See the FAQ for more information on how armor works. Rehosted from Bloodpeach’s website.

Gameshark Code List - Small list of useful gameshark codes for use on emulator or Everdrive. Mostly aimed at practice.

Hijikisoft Mirror - Archive of Japanese developer HIJIKI’s now defunct website. Contains various tools, such as a combo counter, frame data display, and 12CB tracker.