Range Testing for (poor) Dummies

Want to know the range on your controller but don’t have a cool Everdrive? Here’s how. You’ll need:

  • Raphnet V3 USB adapter
  • PJ64 with the raw plugin and a copy of smash

Use the netplay guide if you don’t have the latter. Don’t worry about being on wi-fi or whatever, you don’t need an internet connection for this.

Short version

Launch SSB with the gameshark code 800A4AD0 0003 and press Z. The hundreds place is cut off if there’s a negative sign.

Long Version

  1. You’ll be booting into system debug mode, which requires a gameshark code. To add the code, open PJ64k and launch smash, then go to Options -> Gameshark codes.

  2. Click the “new” tab, then fill in the fields as shown below. For the name, put “Range test” or whatever you want. For the code, put 800A4AD0 in the first box, and 3 in the second box, then click insert. Click “add to DB”.

    Cheat dialog

  3. Click back to the “Cheats List” tab, and scroll around and find the code you just added, and check the check box.

  4. Relaunch the game. You should see a crazy animation, then a Kirby box. Press the Z button on your controller, and you should get the screen shown below: Debug display This is your range display. Move the stick around and the top two numbers will display the X and Y values you’re inputting. The only caveat is that they max out at 3 characters, so negative values aren’t displayed properly. If your controller has high range and you input say -113, it’ll be displayed as -13. It’s reading the value fine, it just won’t display the leading 1 if the value is less than -99. If you’re using the raw plugin, this should be accurate to console.

Remix Version

Remix Debug

The debug menu can also be accessed on emulator or console using the Smash Remix rom. From the main menu, go to Settings -> Debug, then hit the Z button when you see the Kirby box.